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PARMIGIANI - TONDA 1950 GALAXYThe sun, THE STARS Along with the TIMEThis new timepiece made by Parmigiani is definitely an invitation to look around the stars, unveiling a face studded with gold leaf and enclosed by diamondsIt is currently a possibility to touch the stars. Well, not physically, but if you let your imagination go to work together with up your eyes fixed on the new Tonda 1950 Galaxy. As its name suggests, this timepiece by Parmigiani contains the starry vault and is also donning precious materials for instance gold and diamonds.This "sky" evoking a superb summer's night was developed of aventurine, a term that's wrongly used to refer to goldstone (aventurine glass). Whereas mineral aventurine is usually a coloured chalcedony with the quartz family, as well as a work of nature, goldstone is manufactured by man. It absolutely was discovered by accident within a glassworks in Murano from the 17th or 1700s tag heuer and tiger woods watches . In a workshop within this famous island on the north of Venice in Italy, an artisan accidentally dropped copper filings in a few molten glass. The dazzling result, replica watches which had been later built to an equation that's kept secret for decades, was named aventurine glass or goldstone.The dial for the exclusive edition Tonda 1950 Galaxy comes with a glass disc that may be tinted and covered with tiny copper fragments, on top of that your pink-gold hour rim is scheduled. With their slender, rectangular silhouettes diagono watch , the indices converge for the centre, where two hands are placed. These luminescent hour and minute hands are made from pink gold.This precious timepiece is attached with a web link strap, and also the 39mm-wide pink gold case comes with a bezel covered in 84 diamonds. The crystal glass back reveals the workings on the calibre PF702 manufactured by Parmigiani and which drives the time functions.Price: 39,000 CHFBy Sharmila Bertin replica adee kaye watches
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